March 27th, 2016 A GOLDEN Opportunity for The Movement

The Movement is about to release their new album “GOLDEN” on April 8th on Rootfire Cooperative, I’m dubbing it as their “come back” album.
This band has stayed under the radar since Set Sail being their previous biggest release and I said previous biggest release, not their most recent just to reiterate.

There are a lot of bands out there that create amazing, beautiful beats, layer meaningful lyrics on top of it and more but never seem to grab the attention they are capable of or deserve; for that matter. The Movement for me fell into that category, and I say fell and not fall because they have now fell into the loving arms of Rootfire. The Rootfire guys aren’t just part of a reggae music scene, they are the part of the reggae music scene that you want to be around because they are honest, trust worthy, hard working and have this thing called a heart, that bloody thing that beats inside all of us. Sadly even though it’s reggae, it’s still the music business, so there are some shadiness out there.

Seth, the founder of Rootfire is like Tom Cruise when he played “Jerry Maguire” where he ended up leaving one of the biggest sports agencies in the country because he wanted to get more personal with his clients and be able to call them his friends instead of just another
number. That’s Seth of Rootfire in the smallest nutshell you can imagine but I promise him and his organization are much more than that.

We’ve had the privledge of hearing three tracks off “GOLDEN”. “Rescue” which was their first single, released last year followed by Dancehall ft. Mr. Williamz and then their title track “Golden” ft. Elliot Martin of John Brown’s Body. If these three tracks are a sign of what the rest of this album is going to sound like then the sound track of the summer is coming early this year and I for one couldn’t be more excited!


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