Giant Panda Gurilla Dub Squad hailing from Rochester, NY are getting ready to follow up their successful reggae album “STEADY” with “Make It Better” and I couldn’t be more excited. For one they are one of my favorite bands of all time. The first time I saw them was in Newark, DE at a little hole in the wall venue called, East End Cafe. I was working as a cook at a restaurant in Bel Air, Maryland. They wen’t on at 9:00, by the time I got off and got there it was around 11:00 and the bars in Delaware close at 1:00 am. So I think I was able to see about an hour of their set, but it was well worth the drive. I have been a fan since. Not that it was their best show I’ve ever seen because it wasn’t, that was in DC at a little place called Tropicalia and that story will be for another time. Let’s just say we danced our ass off, and we smiled for miles. I’m pretty sure Brendan Dane, who creates music under the name “Alific” can vouch at how sick that show was. I think I lost 2 lbs and if you know me, I can’t afford to. Another reason this album is going to rock, it’s on the Rootfire Cooperative! A organization that allows musicians to create their beautiful art without the worry of trying to afford it first. Rootfire makes their dream come alive a little easier, by loaning them the money to create their art and getting paid back from the profits of the album without any interest. That’s why Rootfire is awesome, so please buy their awesome merchandise and donate to them if you can, because they are doing great things for the scene. “Make It Better” will mark Pandas! 6th Studio album packing 10 brand new tracks.

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