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Iration will release their forthcoming self-titled album on May, 18th, 2018.  The Album pre-sale starts on March 30th and includes "Danger" Feat. J. BOOG and Tyrone's Jacket.  Official album bundles will also be available on their website.  Iration has been one of those bands, not afraid to tread in unfamiliar territory when it comes to their music.  They aren't out to create hits, they do that by accident.   It's refreshing to see bands, especially in the reggae scene like this one stepping out of their comfort zone when creating albums with other musical influences taking some of the spotlight.  They have crafted a sound that fits them as a band, that they can create during their live shows. 

The singles that have been released currently are "Fly with Me" , "Borderlines" and "Hit List", The self-titled album will consist of "15+ songs and include three stylistically different guest vocalists that all apparently smashed their respective parts." (THEPIER.ORG)


Hello My Friends,

Ryan here, re-doing the site design a little bit to a cleaner feel.  The other site designed by my friend Paul, over 10 years ago was beautiful but just wanted something I could edit more to my liking.  I can't believe it's been 10 years, it's crazy to just think that.  Probably a little longer than that now.  But, I'm back , mentally better than ever and I am so blessed.

The last site was mainly reggae, this site will be a lot more different genres of music.  I have gotten older and wiser and my appreciation for different types of music has graced it's presence.  So it's so exciting finding new music from all walks of life.  

So excuse the dust, while I am still working on stuff.